Daniela Justiniano Burstein (Santiago, Chile, 1981) started to study architecture in Universidad de Chile in 2000. In 2001 began her studies of Visual Arts receiving a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 2005. After a year of a pedagogical training programme in Visual Arts, she travelled to Bilbao, Spain, to do an internship in the Faculty of Art of the Universidad del País Vasco. She has participated in collective exhibitions in Chile, Argentina, Spain and UK. She is currently living and working in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

I understand art as an element of connection. Something that allows me to connect things that could be very distant and opposite, but that for me are closely related.

In my work, I make a connection between weaving and the architectural space. I think of architectural space as a textile, a fabric. Thus, in the overlapping of each other, they create space, as we perceive it.

To result from reading and decoding of space as text and weaving, as a way of bonding an connecting one point to another, it is possible to think of our presence in it as another weaving. We could think of space as a network of relationships that creates meaningful connections between humans and their environment, and thus giving us ways to question it.

   © Daniela Justiniano 2010